Around a month ago I travelled to what I thought would be my 4th international hackathon, but over the past year I'm slowly coming to a realization. Last week I started reading a book about happiness.

I'll summarize this by saying that I agree with the notion of happiness being 10% things that happen to you and 90% how you react and respond to them. For a long time I've had this backwards, thinking that travelling abroad and winning a prize would bring me happiness directly, as is evident from the trend of enjoying these trips less over time, this is not the case.

Prague was different. There was no prize motive, no 'cred' looking to be gained, no desire to present better than everyone else. Myself and Bede arrived and speculated about possible projects for an hour or so. Realizing that the burn out from previous events hadn't quite subsided we flipped our focus, then spending most of our time talking to some friendly Czech locals, sitting in deck chairs, a brief stint of trying to hack into some IOT devices and then leaving. Quite abrupt and not what I expected when planning the trip.

We went to the biggest bridge I've ever seen, did some urban exploring, accidentally paid £10 for Humus, fell down some stairs and had to find crutches, looked at an astronomical clock where the adjective definitely didn't describe it's size, had the most aesthetically pleasing ice cream I've ever seen and accidentally ended up in a romantic couples airbnb <3.

This might seem like an incoherent stream of consciousness but I would that the last month has been a realization that what matters isn't what you achieve and how much you impress others, it's how fast time flies when you're having fun.